Sunday, March 29, 2009

SF Vizlsa Meetup at Crissy Field

Yesterday we went to our first San Francisco Vizsla Meetup at Crissy Field. I think there were about 8-10 Vizslas there, though it was hard to tell since they were all running around and playing so much! We met some great people and dogs, and it really was mpressive to see so many vizslas together... too bad I don't have the best camera (yet- it's on the wishlist). Here are a few shots from the beautiful day...
The little guy above right is Igby- so cute!

These girls (below and above left) were swimming pros! We still haven't gotten Captain to take to the water, other than his accidental swim at Fort Funston. One day!
We're looking forward to the next meetup- maybe by then I'll have my new camera to snap some more impressive shots of these impressive dogs.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A very BFF weekend

This weekend we puppy-sat for Captain's "BFF", an Australian Shepard named Taz. These boys love playing with each other and have a great time! The whole weekend was pretty much: chase, tumble, chase, tug, chase, nap. And repeat. The pictures make it look more tame than it was, mostly because when they were playing they were moving too fast for me to capture! Boys will be boys...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The antics of an active dog

We left Captain home alone for an hour or so yesterday, unfortunately when he was a bit too worked up. Came home to find this...

...all our coupons, an issue of City Dog and an issue of Vegetarian Times shredded to pieces. Goes to show how much these dogs really need good exercise! Needless to say, we went for a nice little run this morning.

Then I just had to spoil him with a few new toys. Witness what I call "Gumby Gets IT"
Then it was on to a fine bottle of "Kennel Relax'n" Char-dog-nay:

The hard life of a puppy...