Vizsla Spotting

VIZSLA SPOTTING is a photo site started purely for Vizsla pictures.  Head on over to submit photos of your Vizsla, or just enjoy others!

*Please note: if you submit a photo and you don't see it published on the site, you can send me a reminder through FB or link below- we've been a little busy recently with our new addition!
More spotting...
Below is a list of the wiggle-butts we've meet along the way.
See also links below for helping Vizslas in need.

Hello there!
 In order of appearance ;-)
  • Lucy in Cotuit, MA (Cape Cod- our first Vizsla spotting!) 
  • Riley in Cotuit, MA
  • Dino and Bijou in SF
  • Ziggy in SF (now South SF)
  • Igby and the bunch at O'Paws
  • The SF Vizsla Meetup Group
  • The Bay-Area Vizsla Walk group
  • Ellie in SF (we miss you!)
  • Axel in SF
  • Alfie in Berkeley 
  • Jed in Berkeley
  • Amber from Orange Country (while at Mono Lake)
  • Bella from Mammoth, CA (while in Mammoth Village)
  • Michigan in Piedmont, CA (our first new neighborhood V friend!)
  • Lizzie in Piedmont, CA (Piedmont Park)
  • Aiden in Piedmont, CA (Piedmont Park)
  • Cello in Piedmont, CA (Dracena Park)
  • Maybe (or Mavie?) in Piedmont, CA 
  • Allie in Piedmont, CA  
  • George in Jack London Square, Oakland, CA 
  • Ollie at Fort Funston, CA
  • Eli at Fort Funston, CA
  • Copper in Piedmont, CA 
  • Fig & Gretta in Piedmont, CA (yep, there are a lot of Vizslas in Piedmont!!) 
  • Goulash - Lake Merritt, Oakland CA
  • Jasper- Briones Park, CA
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    Is it cramped in here?
    I'll take that stick, thank you.
    A good bunch

    Interested in helping out a Vizsla in need? Here are some U.S. Vizsla rescue groups:
    Outside the U.S.:

     For a list of blogging Vizslas, click here.