Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Found this video of a very cute Vizsla puppy getting VERY cuddly (and mouthy).
Why do I have the very distinct feeling that this bed is going to be toast very soon?

Reminds me of Captain's "snow in California" bed shredding session, (as one reader put it)! Luckily Captain prefers to sleep in his beds now. Speaking of which... my favorite red dog is doing that right now. Better go join him :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Echo Lake Hiking

Here's the last of the Tahoe pictures! Sunday of Labor Day weekend we went hiking at Echo Lake, a beautiful lake and trail region near South Lake Tahoe. It was absolutely gorgeous- and a great way to exercise the dogs!

Come on guys!!

I LOVE this one of Trax, in his "kitten mittens" - aka Ruff Wear hiking shoes:

We started to think maybe we needed some of those booties for Captain- the terrain was pretty rocky for part of the hike... next time maybe Captain will have shoes too!

Not a bad place for a swim:

Typical- Captain waits for the Labradors to do their retrieving...

... and then makes his move!

Some of the beautiful scenery along the way:

Great hiking and a great end to our Labor Day weekend 2010!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Regan Beach 3: Vizsla Action Shots

Here's the last Labor Day Tahoe beach posting (then on to hiking next!)- just the V action shots!

Flying ears everywhere!

Looking fierce!
We couldn't help laughing at this one- my little Kangaroo!

And some good 'ole tug with a new friend to top it off:
Labor Day Weekend 2010- South Lake Tahoe
Want more Tahoe? Click here for all Vizsla Thing Tahoe posts.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Regan Beach 2: Action Jacksons

These pictures don't need much explanation. At Regan Beach in South Lake Tahoe, the boys were tearing it up...

Nothing like a good run with your mate :-)

Labor Day Weekend 2010 Pictures - Captain & his buddy Trax in Tahoe.

Still more Tahoe pics!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Regan Beach 1: Vizsla studmuffin

Remember how I kept saying I'd post Tahoe pics soon? Well, the wait is over...

We went to South Lake Tahoe for Labor Day, and our friend took over 500 pictures. From that, he whittled it down to 295, which he just sent to us, and I downloaded a select 55 (yes, mainly those of Captain). But even that is too many for one blog post, so I'm splitting them into a number of posts. First up: Regan Beach, one of Tahoe's dog-friendly beaches that is just in a killer setting. It's nice and shallow which makes for good Vizsla water play.

VizslaOk, these pics make me think that Captain is, like that line from Zoolander, "really really really ridiculously good looking" :-) (line is right at beginning of clip, which is too long but the first thing I found on you tube).

Captain wasn't sure about those floating things in the water. He had to run over to them and check them out. And then he decided he needed to bark at the buoys. Then Daddy showed him they weren't really such bad things...Vizsla
And what's beach time without some digging?Vizsla
Even studmuffins need their moms...

I love this profile picture. VizslaThanks to Jason for pictures of my beauty! More to come...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September weekend

Captain at Echo Lake in South Lake Tahoe
I promise, the rest of the pics from Tahoe are coming! Hopefully soon...

In the meantime, we went over to Point Isabel this weekend (it's even closer now that we moved!) and ran into this ADORABLE Rhodesian puppy named Kima:

And also two other V's, Hans and Sam. Great to see Sam again! We need to get to another Vizsla Walk soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A good idea

From one Vizsla lover to another, check out Laila's Frosty Paws recipe (Captain LOVES frosty paws, so very excited to make them at home!):

She's from my hometown and this is another great Vizsla blog. Too bad Captain lives on the opposite coast!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend fun

Captain at Regan Beach in South Lake Tahoe

Hold on to your Vizslas, there's a whole lot of good Tahoe pictures coming! We had a blast this weekend enjoying the summery side of Tahoe for a change, hiking, swimming, and taking in the fresh mountain air. More to come soon!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I mentioned in my last post that Captain's new found interest is squirrels. That's an understatement! He is going crazy for them! Every time he sees them running around his ears perk up and he can't decide whether to chase or point. Usually it's both, in that order, dragging me along with him...

vizslaWhat was that???

vizslaIt went up here!!!

Did you SEE that mommy??!

If you haven't seen UP, you must watch this "Squirrel!!!" moment:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Butterscotch, Boxes, & Berkeley

Captain at Cesar Chavez Park

This past Thursday was our last "Yappy Hour Thursday" in our SF neighborhood park. I made butterscotch rice krispie treats in honor of the occasion. Despite usually being very good about not counter-surfing, Captain is a bit of a butterscotch bandit (he has been known to steal these treats right from the table, and one time ate an entire tray of banana butterscotch cupcakes), so I kept a careful watch on the treats. And didn't drop any, much to his dismay.

Those look tasty, mom! Can't I have just one??

What if I lay down? Now can I?

After the park, a few days of packing began. Captain wasn't sure what was going on. The day of moving was rough (I hate moving!!), but luckily Captain got to spend it with his best bud Trax. After a few days of unpacking waaaaay too many boxes, we are now settled into our Berkeley apartment. Captain's new favorite thing? Squirrels! He also is pretty happy to have Cesar Chavez park practically in our backyard (we ran there this morning!)

Next on Captain's to do list? Make some friends in Berkeley! And figure out why Mommy keeps moving boxes and furniture around...