Monday, November 25, 2013

Cesar Squirrels and Sailboats

Cesar Chavez Park is still one of my favorite East Bay Parks- I love it for its views of sailboats, the water, and the hills beyond, and for the running trails; Captain loves it for its squirrels (technically, ground squirrels). They often hide out in the rocks...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

On Top of the World

...Or just on top of Berkeley! This is one of my favorite "view" spots in the Bay Area. Up in Tilden,  it's just a gorgeous overlook. We took my parents here when they were visiting a month ago, and Captain was happy to show them around!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Captain's Weekend: Treats and Gear, and the EzyDog Backpack

Ending up our Tahoe weekend posts with some treats and new gear!

We were lucky enough to be contacted by EzyDog, who generously offered a new Summit backpack for us to try out. Our Tahoe weekend was a great chance to give it a go on the trail! We also took a trip to our favorite pet store in South Lake...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Captain's Weekend Part III: Tahoe Rim Trail

On the second day of our Tahoe trip, I wanted to make sure we got in some hiking. Captain was of course eager to hit the trails. So much to sniff, stalk, and hunt!

We took off on part of the Tahoe Rim Trail- a great trail with some awesome views of the lake and just overall peaceful, beautiful forest to walk through. Unfortunately I didn't snap many pictures- too much time spent enjoying watching Captain run around, happy and excited ;-) But here's a few shots from a great little hike!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Captain's Weekend Getaway to Tahoe: Part 1

Obviously the king (or Captain) of the mountain
I've been wanting to take Captain on a weekend getaway for a while. We finally made it happen this past weekend- a trip to South Lake Tahoe, complete with:

-chasing chipmunks and stalking geese
-playing in (a little) snow
-lake time
-cuddling by the fire
-more hiking
-getting new treats & gear

Captain was clearly ecstatic, which made me incredibly happy. And it also made me try and snap a lot of photos of him - and the beautiful scenery that is Tahoe.

In this post: Part 1: Emerald Bay
Up next: Lake-side fun
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Treats & Gear!

Read on for more on (the first part) of our trip!