We love traveling with Captain, and he loves exploring new spots!
Click the links below for blog posts about West-Coast dog-friendly travels, with Captain as your host!

    And a note: I'm making more of an effort in newer posts to include more comprehensive dog-information for travel-related posts; so if older posts don't satisfy your "dog-along" travel needs, check out Fido Factor or Yapsie to search for dog-friendly locations and add your own reviews!

        And, of course, I'd be remiss to leave out Bay-Area spots. I haven't forgotten this is a vacation destination too! We are lucky to live in a VERY dog-friendly part of the country, that happens to be beautiful to boot. If you are planning on traveling to San Francisco or the surrounding area, especially by car, bring the dog along! It's easy to find dog-friendly lodging, dining, and of course parks and beaches here. Below I've listed some of our favorite nearby spots (most of which are in multiple blog posts, so you can use the 'search' feature below to view all the posts for that location- I've just picked one post per spot. You can also check out this post: - for a quick summary of some spots we often take out of town visitors to).  
        San Francisco:
        • Crissy Field - with a view of Golden Gate Bridge- maybe the best dog beach ever??
        • Fort Funston - near Ocean Beach and just down the road from the historic Cliff House- we call it Disneyland for dogs. Both Funston and Isabel (see below) have the reputation of the best dog parks in the area, while Crissy holds the rep for the beach.
        • San Francisco city - yep, the city itself is great for walking around with the pup! Try Golden Gate Park, SOMA (South of Market district; Captain's home neighborhood for his first 2 years), Bernal Heights, Duboce.... pretty much everywhere is fun with the dog in SF! PLUS, dogs are allowed on the MUNI public transportation system here (Provided it's not during peak hours; also, some drivers require you to have a muzzle on your dog).
        East Bay and Beyond:
        • Point Isabel in Richmond - just next to Berkeley, with a good view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge across the Bay.
        • Point Pinole- also in Richmond, just a little bit further in the East Bay than Point Isabel. Worth the short drive out of the city! With gorgeous trails along the water and through the forest, this is one of my favorite Bay-Area spots. 
        • Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley - a large park with tons of hilly forest trails, and good views of the East Bay and SF across the way.
        • Wildcat Canyon in Richmond - another beautiful large park with plenty of open space, hills, and trails. This park has less cover than Tilden (it's not woody) - so not a good summer hiking spot since the East Bay heats up then!   
        • Rodeo Beach in Marin- a gorgeous beach with trails, just across the GG bridge.
        • Half Moon Bay- just a short drive from the city, and amazingly beautiful-the Pillar Point/Moss Beach area is a great spot. 

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