Sunday, July 27, 2014

Santa Cruz Weekend

Another Cali getaway for Captain! Ok, this trip was more about his little sister than him, but we did take the whole family down the coast to the fun beach town of Santa Cruz. We actually spent the night up in the hills, which afforded amazing views of the ocean off in the distance. We stayed in the dog-friendly Chaminade resort, although I'm cheating a bit by saying that, because Captain spent the night with some of our friends who live in Santa Cruz (so we could avoid the pricey $75/night dog fee!) But never fear, we still took our "first baby" to a dog-friendly beach, and he joined us for brunch on the patio the next morning too. So, overall, we managed to keep BOTH nuggets happy on our first weekend away as a family of four!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vizsla Gear II: The Active Family Dog

Last year I did a "Vizsla Gear" post including a bunch of stuff we've found useful for life with the active dog. I'm adding a few things here for those of you who may be interested in stuff that has come in handy for the "active family dog".