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Who's Captain? He's a Vizsla!
Where does he live? In the beautiful Bay Area of California.

Vizslas are beautiful Hungarian dogs, originally bred for hunting. They are unique, wonderful dogs who are very active but also very loyal and sweet. For more breed information click the link, see my FAQs, and read below. For a light-hearted take on just what makes a Vizsla a Vizsla, check out my posts labeled Vizsla Things.

Come back often- Captain loves to meet new people! See the end of this page for contact information.

My inspiration:

More about why Captain is the Captain!

More about Captain as a puppy:

If you are thinking about getting a Vizsla:
Great! They will make you laugh and keep you on your toes. You may also want to consider a Vizsla Rescue; I have links to some rescue sites at the bottom of my Vizlsa Spotting page.

Before committing to caring for a Vizsla, there are two important questions to consider: 1- Do you have time?  and 2- Are you active? If you don't answer yes to both, a Vizsla (and maybe any puppy) is not a good idea. Vizslas need a lot of attention and exercise, and if you can't commit to that, don't get one. An average Vizsla will need at least 1-2 hours of real exercise a day, so if you don't like getting out and doing things- like running, hiking, or taking long walks- then you'll end up with a deprived, anxious, unhappy dog. We take Captain out about 4 times a day: usually, that's a run (or two) plus a good length walk and play at the dog park (or two). And, one of us is either working from home or can take him to the office, so that's even more attention time...You can get a good idea of the Vizsla temperament on our Facebook page. Vizslas DO love to cuddle - they pretty much demand your affection. I haven't met one yet that doesn't like to crawl under covers with their owners, sit on people's laps, and do "the lean" against your leg for a good butt scratch. But the prerequisite to a calm-mannered, cuddling Vizsla is exercise!

A little more training info: Vizslas are smart dogs, and Captain at least caught on very quickly to potty training. Vizslas are also very sensitive, so a firm, consistent "no" in training should suffice, combined with lots of positive reinforcement. If you are a first-time dog owner, I really recommend looking into puppy classes, so you can learn about how to socialize and train your dog- which is SO important to do when they are young. Training a dog is almost more about training the human how to train the dog ;-)

Captain's people:
My husband likes to joke that he got two "active breeds" - me and our dog ;-)

Captain has filled our lives with adventures, wiggles, and cuddles. He's our little wiggle-butt -don't know what I mean? It's a Vizsla Thing... :-)

*Please contact me via our Facebook page if you would like to use any of our photos, and make sure to credit It's a Vizsla Thing and include a link back to this site.

Want to contact Captain and family? The best way (currently) is by sending a message to me through our Facebook page.

Since Nugget 2 arrived, I've become horribly unreliable at responding to blog comments. I love getting them, though! Apologies for any slow responses. Also, all posts after December 2013 should be considered small miracles ;)