Saturday, February 27, 2010

More V love: Puppies

Here are some more pics from Vizsla Love on Flickr, just some puppy ones this time!

Photo from sebcra on Flickr

A link:

This one reminds me a lot of one we have of Captain at 8 weeks old:
little Hugo
Photo "Little Hugo" from snipz

Sleeping cutie:
We have had him for 3 weeks now!
Photo from Hanbury

Try not to squeal in joy at this next one!

Wee Pearl
Photo "Wee Pearl" from mrwalker

Photo from sebcra

Mütyűr, the Hungarian Vizsla - 6 weeks old
Photo from droszi

Szuszék Vita

Photo from eperlevel

And finally, a flashback to one of our boy when he was 8 weeks!

I have to stop before we hit cuteness overload!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tahoe weekend


What do you get when you have 6 people, 5 dogs, 1 house, and lots of snow in Tahoe? A great (albeit a little crazy) time! We rented a house in South Lake Tahoe for the weekend. Captain was a little unsure about the new surroundings at first, but once he ran all over the house and in the snow with his friends, he was one happy Vizsla.

The crew: Captain, Ziggy the Vizsla, Ranger the lab/Dobie mix, and 2 poodles: Winne and Bear.
The place: South Lake Tahoe
The plan: Lots of doggie fun!


Captain in front of the house



Winnie in the snow

A very snowy Bear

My husband and I and one of our friends went skiing at Heavenly on Saturday, while our other 3 friends stayed at home entertaining (or being entertained by) the doggie crew.

The slopes at Heavenly

Ziggy checks out the snow

Snowy Playtime at Dog Park
Ziggy and Captain playing

Chilling Saturday evening:

Before we headed out of town on Sunday I couldn't help making us stop by the lake for some photos. It was just gorgeous. We can't wait to plan a summer weekend for some hiking and lake fun.

We also stopped at Bijou Park, a nice big open, fenced in, dog park in South Lake Tahoe. It was a good way to wear out the dogs before a long car ride- the only down side to traveling to Tahoe- lots of traffic!



In the car we couldn't seem to keep the Vizslas in the back- at one point both of them were on my friend's lap in the passenger FRONT seat of the car, and at another point Captain, Ziggy, AND Ranger were in the back seat with me and my friend! As you may know there's not much that can stand in the way of a Vizsla that wants to cuddle. Needless to say both the trip there and the trip home were interesting rides :-)

We love Tahoe!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

V love: Funny faces!

It's time for more Vizsla love photos from Flickr! This time it's funny pics:

Wonder how she really feels?
Photo from Violetsmom2010, Flickr

Can't you just hear him? "Why wasn't I invited to this?"

Bad dog!
Photo from marcuskaz

Oops I ate the Violets!

Violet in the Violets
Photo from Violetsmom2010

Party girl:
Happy Birthday Libby!
Photo from janiejonesmt

Sock? What sock? Nope, I didn't see it.
I like socks!
Photo from tikiroom100

Doing the 'Elivis' - I love it when their lips get caught in their mouths.
Photo from Harold Kuepers

A laugh or a yawn?

Sunpie belly laughing
Photo from dredwardhaight

Ok, who drank all the Coors?

Tikka 11 weeks
Photo from Kim Swendson Photography

I think the one on the right may have had enough...
Malna loves Bori
Photo from eperlevel

Good thing I can never get enough of good Vizsla photos. We'll be in Tahoe this weekend so hopefully we'll have some good pics of our own to share! Going to be a packed house- 6 humans and 5 dogs!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surf and sun

Captain at Pine Lake Park

This weekend was jam-packed with lots of fun activities. We were dog-sitting for our friend's dog Trax and filled up the days with plenty of tail-wagging adventures for 2 high-energy dogs.

Saturday we headed to Mavericks, a surf competition, in Half Moon Bay. Though we didn't see a ton of the surfers (there was a viewing area closure after some waves hit some of the crowds - everyone was ok but we were glad we weren't there for that part!), it was a beautiful day and so much fun to walk around.


Trax & Captain on a bench


Captain watching Mavericks

Captain at Half Moon Bay

After a great afternoon of walking around the Pillar Point/Moss Beach area and grabbing lunch in Half Moon Bay, we headed to Fort Funston for even more running around. We ended up with two very tired, content dogs Saturday evening :-)



Funston at sunset was very pretty.
View from Fort Funston

Sunday we went to Stern Grove Park- a beautiful big park with big fields, Redwoods, and even a duck pond... which Captain accidentally fell into when he was stalking the ducks! Oh well, a few minutes later he was basically dry again and ready to keep playing. The first pic of this post is also Captain at Stern Grove.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

V love: sleeping beauties

More from Vizsla love: this time it's sleeping photos!

Could he be any more comfortable??
while we work.....
Photo from Roy's World on flickr

I think this one takes the cake:

Vita és Alma
Photo from eperlevel

Could you please close the blinds?
Sleeping Vizsla's
Photo from dmarb29

Photo from Aussieshiela

Thanks to all the great photos on Flickr!
Kind of makes you want a nap, doesn't it?!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vizsla walk

This past Sunday Captain and I headed to Point Pinole for our first ever Vizsla Walk! This is a Bay-area group that meets almost every week to enjoy some exercise with our Vizslas. And what a beautiful group of V's it was! I have never seen so many together in my life. It was one big red blur.
Check out this little 14 week old:

I love Point Pinole because it's got a little of everything in a big wide open space: varied terrain for lots of running, trail walking, coastal views, and some beach areas as well. After some running around in muddy trails the dogs were ready for a dip:

Captain decides to hop in the water! ...and run right back :-)
I don't know why Mommy doesn't want me drinking this. It tastes fine.

I want a treat! Me too!!

This guy named Nate was just beautiful:Good thing we got out of bed for this one. It was a beautiful morning! And it ensured Captain was good and tired while we were watching the Super Bowl (he preferred watching the puppy bowl).