Friday, June 12, 2015

Sharing is caring

A few recent pics from Nuggetland! Nugget 2 has gotten very good at "throwing" the ball to Captain (and, ok, trying to just put it right in his mouth too). She's also gotten VERY good at throwing food she doesn't want his way. Sometimes it's food she still wants, too though.... she'll hold a piece of bagel & cream cheese in her hand, take a bite/lick, put it in front of Captain, and then take it back after he's had a tiny taste.... all while I'm half yelling no, half laughing of course ;) To his credit, Captain always looks at me first before gulping something down. My good boy.

A few more recent pics....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Playgrounds & Pups

Our weekends have come to involve playgrounds. Regularly. And I can't help but feel slightly guilty, seeing Captain sitting on the sidelines like this...staring at us, sadly. I also feel bad that there are more outings that don't involve him - music class for Nugget, shopping, playdates.... we leave the house, closing the door to him looking at us, and just say, "We'll be back soon Captain." It makes me sad... but I suppose there is some inevitability in having human babies that the fur ones will get second priority. Still, we do a lot to make sure he's not a sad older sibling. And luckily, we have some great parks nearby that serve both nuggets well- read on for a little more on some of those!