Monday, August 23, 2010

Captain turns 2!

Today was Captain's birthday! Since he's two, he decided he wanted to write his own blog post:

Mommy took me to my favorite store for my birthday. As usual, I wiggled my butt around and got lots of treats from the girl behind the counter. Then Mommy picked out this really awesome purple ball that makes lots of great noises when I chew on it. But Mommy made me wait for my treat and toy. It's so hard to wait!!! But it turns out it was a blueberry-yogurt yohund frozen treat. It was soooooo yummy.

And then guess what happened?? My Vizsla friends Dino and Bijou showed up to say happy birthday!

Bijou is really, really cute. I like her a lot. I was hoping she'd give me a birthday kiss.

She did! And boy can she wrestle.....
After all that, Mommy took me to the park and I got to play with all my friends, including Keoni, Mochi, and the rest of the SOMA dogs. They all wished me happy birthday. AND Mommy gave me some really yummy liver treats. Now I'm ready for bed!

... and that was Captain's 2nd birthday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Doggie Daycare

Well, big changes are coming for Captain... his mommy got a postdoc here in California, which means she won't be working remotely at home anymore. We'll also be moving to Berkeley and leaving our SOMA apartment in just a few short weeks. Captain has been a spoiled, center-of-all attention Vizsla (as well it should be, but probably to the detriment of my productivity) for the past two years, and has only gone to daycare during the day when I've been away on work trips or the random day or two here and there when I've had too much to do to spend the requisite 2 or more hours of my day exercising him. So here's my question: anyone have any good doggie daycare recs for Berkeley, or anywhere between Berkeley and Sacramento or Davis? (I'll be having to commute 3 or 4 days a week). What do you do with your V while you're at work?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More favorites

dog jumping off of dock

Every now and then I go back to the Vizsla Love group on Flickr, and usually end up spending way too much time looking at amazing V pics. Above: A great summertime shot and a just plain amazing photo by Paul Retherford
Below: somehow this one reminds me of Vermont- maybe it's the warm fall colors- which makes me love it even more!

Delicious tasty puppies

And this one below reminds me of Cape Cod, where I am now, unfortunately without both my redheads! Someday I hope to bring Captain back to all my favorite East Coast spots... for now he's a California boy at home with Daddy though.
25/52 Flynn

Thanks Vizsla Love for great pictures!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Google does Vizsla images

It's no secret that I love checking Flickr for Vizsla photos, particularly in the "Vizlsa Love" group. But have you checked out Google image recently? A Google image search for "Vizsla" comes up with pages full of great V pics!

Check it out!

Even though this pic is very similar to a recent post, I couldn't help but include it here when I found it through Google image. What can I say, I'm a sucker for action shots of Vizsla puppies with flying ears!

vizsla puppy

What's your favorite place to get your Vizsla fix?