Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Funston

My husband took Captain over to Fort Funston today. We call Fort Funston a doggie wonderland because there are always so many dogs there, it's entirely off-leash, and it has amazing cliffs, dunes, views, and plenty of beach space.

Here are some of the photos!

Tug time!
Zooming through beach & waves!

What is that??

Looking for more Funston? Another post here!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Crissy Field Fun

I couldn't help myself on Friday- it was just too sunny, too warm, too perfect to stay inside or even just make our usual park trips. Only a beach would do. Captain and I hopped in a Zipcar and spent the afternoon at one of the city's best dog spots, Crissy Field.

First stop, playing with a new friend:Looks like Captain has learned the butterfly:

Around again:

We ran into another Vizsla, Lucas, so of course I had to snap some shots:
Somehow, the digging just never loses its appeal:

Time to go? No way!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fetch Foto & Mark Rogers V pics

You simply must, must, must check out these photos of Bijou, a Vizsla in our neighborhood. Makes me wish we had done the same thing when Captain was little! I love these pictures. We catch up with Dino & Bijou at the park every now and then and Captain loves romping around with little Bijou! If you have some time, I recommend searching around the Fetch Foto site- way too many adorable doggie photos that will make you "Awwww" out loud.

Here's another link to some more fun V pics, from Mark Rogers photography. Speaking of which, Fido Factor, the Bay area's newest dog-friendly search site & iphone app (which my husband happens to be working on) is hosting a competition for a free photography package with Mark Rogers - whoever posts the most reviews on SF & Bay area locations will win this great deal. (A little shameless self-promotion, yes, but it IS a good prize! Plus, reviews for Fido Factor go to a good cause, since they are partnered with the SPCA and donate every time someone adds a SF location or writes a review!) Check out the site and if you have an iphone, the app (it's FREE!). They are building up other locations around the country (especially Boston & New York) but are hoping to expand even more over the next few months, so anyone anywhere can join and add locations & write reviews (although only SF is eligible for the photo package prize).

It's our anniversary this weekend so not sure how much doggie blogging I'll get to, but hopefully these awesome pictures will tide you over!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barkin' around Berkeley

We headed over the Bay Bridge today and checked out Cesar Chavez park, another great open space in the East Bay.
Captain with Opus, a 14 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback:

Opus up close:

Captain also LOVED playing with his new friend Violet, the 5 month old American Mastiff...I have never seen such big paws on a puppy!!!

Afterwords, we walked around Berkeley and stopped in the pet boutique George's to look around at all the fun toys & treats

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playtime with some good looking dogs!

Is this a red dog convention? No, it's playtime at our park with some of Captain's favorite girls- all of whom are shades of the same beautiful coat color, so it really is something to watch them play!

Captain, Mila, and Lola in a puppy pile-up:

Lily the Rhodesian ridgeback in the foreground, Captain and Mila in the background:

Lola and Captain wait for a treat:
... and let their tongues hang out- hot day!Mila and Lily:

Mila, Lily, and Lola rest in the shade:

Water break!

Lola and Mila playing tug:
My favorite pic of the day:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Captain by the Giants Stadium, goofing around in our neighborhood

This Labor Day weekend we're hanging around town- a STAYcation, if you will. Here are a few shots around the neighborhood. Nothing too exciting, as I'm in a dissertation completion crunch!

We did go to Angel Island on Saturday, although no dogs are allowed in this state park, so Captain enjoyed a day of "puppy playcare." I thought I'd share a few pics of that excursion even though Captain didn't get to join.

View of the city from the ferry:On the island, Chinese memorial for immigrants:
Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day!