Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photo shoot

This Saturday we met up with Kira of Nuena Photography. She's a local photographer who is working on Project Dog- a really cool venture to find each of the AKC's recognized dog breeds, and photograph 1 purebred and 1 rescue of each breed. The goal is to not only create an awesome book with all the photos, but to also serve as a resource and promote responsible dog ownership. And guess who is going to be the purebred Vizsla?

Yup, our Captain! We met up at the nearby Cesar Chavez Park to take the pics.
It was a fun photo shoot filled with treats, running, and posing. I didn't take too many pictures since I knew Kira would get great ones, but couldn't resist snapping a few shots of some of the kites- there are always tons of them flying on the weekends, and these were just too unique to pass by:

Luckily Captain doesn't get freaked out by kites anymore!

I'll post the link with the pictures Kira shot once I get them, so check back for those. I can't wait to see them! (Oh, and in the meantime, definitely check out Kira's dog photos- they are 100% "awwww-worthy"!)