Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Walking around with Captain, we get a lot of comments. So far, I think the best one we've gotten has been:
"OH my goodness, you're so cute I could just put mustard all over you and eat you up."
It was the mustard that really made the statement. :-)
The most common comment has been either: "That's a good looking dog" or "What kind of dog is that?"

Of course, it's always fun to run into other Vizsla owners, past or present. It sort of like a special group, this shared love for this special breed. When I went back to Boston this fall and was away from Captain for the first time, I spotted a little Vizsla puppy across the street and I really had to hold myself back from running across the street and hugging it. I pictured the owner looking at this random stranger cuddling her dog like a madwoman and showed some major restraint. But now I'm not so sure she'd have really cared... we're all part of the "Vizsla club" afterall, right?

So, what's your favorite comment you've gotten while walking around with your dog?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ocean beach

My grand plans to head up the coastline this weekend somewhat fell through (they'll have to wait for another weekend!), but we did manage to take advantage of the sunny, warm weather by heading across town to Ocean Beach. The beach is just off the end of Golden Gate Park and stretches the length of the roughly 3 miles in between Cliff House and Fort Funston. It's nothing compared to the doggie wonderland that is Fort Funston, but it was fun to try out somewhere new! Captain and Taz enjoyed their usual beach activities, and our friend worked on luring Captain into the water.

Some of the usual sillyness:
Looking towards the Cliff House on the beach:
We also caught a glance at some classic cars that were meeting at the beach that just seemed sooo California...
Now there's a car Captain would love to ride in!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Give the dog a...

Just gave Captain his first real, massive bone... and boy is he enjoying it! Goes against my vegetarian ways, but hey, who am I to deny him this?

Happy Friday! We are hoping to do a little day trip somewhere fun this weekend, so check back!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vizslas are Yelp-tastic!

Not sure if you knew this or not, but for all you Yelpers out there, the Founder/CEO of Yelp (a great online community review site) is a proud Vizsla owner too! Check out his beauty Darwin here. He looks so much like Captain! They even have the same collar...
(And if you've never used Yelp, check it out- we live and die by it here in the big city!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moss Beach and Pillar Point

Sunday we were in the Half Moon Bay area, in search of other Vizslas. There was a Bay Area Vizsla walk scheduled, but unfortunately we missed them- hopefully we can meet up next time! In any case, we had a great time walking around the beautiful reserve, starting at Moss Beach near the (dog-friendly) distillery and working our way along a gorgeous path with some impressive views, over to Pillar Point.

I was loving these flowers along the paths:Of course, there was time to make new friends, have a little fetch, chase, and Captain's favorite: digging beach sand!

Captain is becoming such a California boy, loving the beaches! I guess we don't mind taking him either... :-) Can't wait to keep the exploration going!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Point Isabel

Sunday we headed back to Point Isabel. Located in the East Bay not too far from Berkeley, Point Isabel is another doggie gem of the bay area. With wide open fields (fenced-in for that extra insurance), beach area, and even a doggie bath house and store, it's a great place to spend an afternoon and make sure our active dog gets his share of exercise. And the best part: it's always filled with so many wonderful dogs!Captain worked on his retrieving skills:

Captain is getting more comfortable in the water, although still not quite swimming. Here's his funny 'hopping over the water' technique in action:

Of course, BFF Taz was there to share in the fun.

Taz loves to climb on the rocks like a little billy goat, and Captain always follows!After all that running around, I treated him to a Frosty Paws (peanut- butter flavored- yum!) from "Mudpuppy's" Cafe:

Coit Tower

Saturday we walked ALL over the city and decided to venture up to Coit Tower, a San Francisco landmark (click on the link for a little history & description), for some good views. From atop Telegraph Hill where Coit Tower is located, you can see the Golden Gate bridge, the curvy Lombard Street, Alcatraz, and the Bay Bridge, so it is worth the walk up the steep grade (I guess you could drive, but then where's the fun in that?!) Once again we were blessed with wonderful weather and Captain enjoyed the long walk (and the sights)!

Here are a few shots.

Up next: a return trip to Point Isabel!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vizsla videos and more

Just a quick update with some more Vizsla vids... this one from YouTube brought back memories of Captain's adventure with the squeaky chicken (luckily the pup below doesn't tear it apart as quickly as Captain did):

This one (no sound, but still cute) just made me laugh because it's good to know no matter what the age, Vizslas will always act just about the same:

And then, as I was browsing a new site my husband found (check out Red Bird Dog Blog) I was reminded of the Animal Planet Dog 101 video on Vizslas- which would make any V owner proud as they compliment our favorite dogs with terms like "regal" , "majestic", and "bred for royalty." As Red Bird Dog points out, it is a good video to watch for anyone interested in learning more about the breed. Although, I have to point out that I think the video's claims that V's don't shed and don't smell are a bit far fetched- for a dog, maybe, they don't smell too much, but come on now- they don't come back from the park smelling like a perfume shop, that's for sure! I'd also contend a bit with the "definitely not a city dog" statement- provided, that is, you can get out a lot and have easy access to fields, large parks, hiking, etc. But it is a good summary of the breed nonetheless. The key: EXERCISE! Oh, don't we know it!!

In other news, Captain went to Point Isabel this weekend - a great big off-leash dog park & beach, which, though not quite as pretty as Fort Funston, has more amenities (a doggie store complete with frosty paws and other treats!) and a great view of the city and GG bridge from across the bay. He made strides on his swimming, although unfortunately I didn't bring my camera! Tsk, tsk, I know. Next time.

I just read the comment from reader Amanda, who has compiled an amazing list of Vizsla blogs! Go Amanda! Check it out here. Totally great pic of the amazing flying Vizsla, too!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mommy and me day

Today Captain and I enjoyed an afternoon off at the fabulous Fort Funston. It had been a little while since we'd been back, and I was instantly reminded of what a Disney-land for doggies this place is! We roamed all over, and Captain even chased a new friend into the water (without me egging him on with treats)! He also enjoyed a good romp in the sand, though I didn't quite capture his complete "crazy puppy" run.

What a good day! We love Fort Funston!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carmel getaway

We took an overnight trip to the nearby Carmel, about a 2-3hr drive from San Francisco. We'd heard rumors about how dog-friendly Carmel is, but I'd say it even exceeded our expectations- plenty of patios that welcome doggies and their dining parents, the vast off-leash beach, shops that actually want you to bring your pup in, and pet-friendly accommodations. We stayed at Quail Lodge, which, though not right in town, was really great (regardless of whether or not you have a dog!)

Check out the bed Captain got to sleep in:
They also greeted Captain with a new squeaky toy (a stuffed Quail, of course), a portable bowl, doggie dishes, and a list of recommended pup-friendly places. He got cozy very quickly.
Captain's favorite part of Carmel? The beach, of course!We also drove a little way down Highway 1 for some great views.Definitely a beautiful part of the world! Captain-approved :-)

An update: Since 2009, Quail Lodge has unfortunately closed. BUT, there are plenty of other dog-friendly options in Carmel. Check out Fido Factor for information!