Sunday, August 23, 2009

Captain's Birthday!

Today Captain turned 1!

Can't I take this bow off, mom??

We started out the day with a nice long walk, a trip to one of his favorite pet stores (Pawtrero), and a quick jaunt in Esprit Park.

After all that walking, it was time for some gifts!
Can't I play with them yet, Mom??
I thought this "Ahoy" cookie was appropriate for my little captain.

Later, it was time for a puppy party in our usual neighborhood park. Some of Captain's friends showed up for celebration and playtime!

Playing kick with a new toy from some friends:
Captain's friend Taz brought him this beautiful cake made by Bubba Rose organic dog treats:
Looks good!Smells good!

Tastes good!Mmm, tasty...
...turns out the "cake" is made with organic carrots, oat flour, honey, peanut butter, cage-free eggs, cinnamon, and carob and yogurt coating....why does that sound better than what I'm having for dinner?? He'll be enjoying this special treat for the next few days.

A good birthday for a good dog!


  1. Awww...happy birthday! looks like a great one :)

  2. Happy birthday, Captain! Glad you had a great day.