Sunday, October 25, 2009

The new kid in town

Hold onto your hats, there's a new Vizsla puppy in town! Meet the adorable, playful, 3 month old Ziggy:
We had a "puppy play-up" this morning with our fun neighborhood dog group, so it was off to a local park to play:

Lots of Ziggy pictures!Ziggy and our new neighbor Trax, a beautiful lab-boxer mix puppy:

Captain loves Ziggy! We're happy to have a little mini-Captain around.


  1. Good looking pup. Invite them out on a Sunday walk soon out at Point Pinole.
    Chloe played with our daughter's dog yesterday at Point Isabel and the reports are that the water was fine.

  2. Ah Ziggy you're such a sweetie! Radar's very jealous...he wants a new brother but hasn't got one this space!
    LOL Juliet