Monday, April 26, 2010


Anyone been missing Captain's adventures? Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but we were off traveling in Peru (which was amazing). Captain was lucky enough to stay with his buddy Trax the whole 10 days we were gone, and they had plenty of fun!

Click here for a video of them playing!

And totally unrelated to Vizslas, but still pretty cool, here are a few pics from Machu Picchu :-)

Certainly not Captain....
...llamas may not be nearly as beautiful or graceful as Vizslas, but they sure are fun to watch roam around the beautiful ruins.

Peru was wonderful, but we are happy to be back home with Captain. He of course greeted us with all his wiggliness, but was not too happy at the alpaca sweater my husband bought.... much to my surprise, Captain went a little crazy barking at it this morning. He saw it hanging on a chair, sniffed for a bit, and then decided it was a scary animal that needed to be told to go away...needless to say, I hid the sweater in the closet. Guess he's not too fond of alpacas...

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