Friday, May 14, 2010

Photo shoot!

Check out my beauty!
password: southbeach

We ran into doggie photographer Alessandro Desogos this week at the dog park, and he couldn't help snapping some photos of Captain. Captain's pics are pages 6 and 7 of the above link.


  1. Dear Captain,

    you are so handsome that my mom had to wipe my kisses off of the computer screen. My mom wants me to tell you that the photographer is very talented at taking puppy pictures.

    Licks and wiggles,

  2. He is SO beautiful! I love your blog :) I just got the ok from a breeder out here in CO that I can get one of her puppies in the future, so that was really exciting! I'll have to live through the adventures of Captain for the next year or two until I get my very own Vizsla! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. Captain is a good looking boy. If you ever make it out to the Walnut Creek area, let's get out for a walk in the hills.
    If I make it over to Fort Funston I'll post it on Vizslawalk.
    Rod, Bailey and Chloe