Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cupcakes shouldn't be for babies (says Captain)

Captain thinks all cupcakes should be for him, always. Too bad I've had a few baby showers to go to recently, and my go-to baby shower bring-along is a batch of cupcakes.

He watches and waits....

I blend and bake....He looks at me with giant eyes.....and then resorts to sulking.
CREAM CHEESE FROSTING???!!!! I LOVE CREAM CHEESE!!!I caught him staring at the tray but didn't catch it on camera! Poor Captain.... one day, I'll make him his very own pupcakes. But alas, these weren't them.

(He did look so cute looking so longingly at the cupcakes that I did sneak him a bit of that cream cheese icing! Don't tell!)


  1. They look very tasty. The pups always love to watch me bake too. Probably has something to do with me baking biscuits for them, and letting them lick the beaters.

    Have you ever tried the frosting recipe that starts with flour and butter?


  2. I haven't- mainly I use cupcake recipes from this little 'cupcake deck' I have. But I checked out your blog- beautiful photos! Your food pics make my mouth water. And I have to say those pumpkin scones are going to get made this week! I'd also love to try making the 'Blueberry Snaps' for Captain!

  3. Hello,
    thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a blog for my Vizsla too, there should be links in there somewhere for luna's Blog.. if not.

    I am going to try and make a page on luna's blog for favorite treats. They are really easy, and cheap.