Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cooling down

Happy national icecream day! (Didn't know it was icecream day? Neither did I til I saw someone post it on Facebook.... but I'm running with it).

Captain was treated to some 'icecream' today too. It's been pretty warm in Berkeley this week, so after our run today he got some homemade Frosty Paws. (It's very easy to make! Just put ~ 16oz of plain low-sugar yogurt in a blender along with ~ 1/2 cup of low-sugar, unsalted peanut butter, blend, and store in little containers in the freezer).

Captain seems to get in a zen-like state every time he has one of these. The cutest is when he finishes one he'll bring us the empty container, his mouth a perfect 'o' around it, and his body all wiggly, as if to say, "thanks mom, I'll have another."

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  1. Those look really great- maybe I'll muster up the motivation to make some for my gals soon.