Thursday, October 13, 2011


I don't usually put up posts with just words, but I figured other Vizsla owners would get a kick out of this little story:
Working from home today, while making lunch, all of sudden I hear Captain doing his crazy barking in the office. That loud, deep, "wooo-wooo-wooo" barking. I wonder if maybe he is going off at the ceiling fan, which is a little bit of a mystery to him. When I walk into the office, he's barking and looking suspiciously up at the door/mirror area. I follow his gaze, thinking maybe it's a weird bug or shadow, to.... my scarves. Yep. That scary cashmere pashmina is DEFINITELY an intruder. Even though it's been hanging on my scarf rack for the past year and a half. He kept barking at it until my husband (also working from home) put it on the ground to let him sniff it. Some more barking, and then, he grabs it in his mouth and gives it a good shake, while I shriek, "NO! That's cashmere!" So he drops it, does the Vizsla "I'm so sorry I'm guilty" look, but gives it one last sniff as if to say he's told it who's boss, and walks away. Sigh. Ohmylittlevizsla.

On a related note, Captain has also been convinced that alpaca sweaters are the devil. It took a while, but I finally convinced him that the small alpaca tapestry in our kitchen is not actually a scary animal. It's amazing and funny all in one, what they can smell, and what they think of those smells!

Endless laughter, having a Vizsla around ;-)


  1. Love it!!! I love the "I'm guilty" look...I see that one a lot ;-) but it is so cute that it means instant forgiveness!

  2. So true! Whenever he does something "wrong" there is no way to be mad at him. I think that is why they can get away with so much... if only we were all as cute as Vizslas ;-)

  3. Aah yes, that look is priceless.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Reminds me of my last cat, Niki, a rescue who would walk around the house fine all the time ....
    except some days was convinced the small kitchen area was dangerous and perhaps coated with paw eating acid, requiring a huge jump in the air if touched. Crazy!