Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Captain's First Year as a Big Brother

2014 was a big year for Captain's family. It marked the first full year that Captain was a big brother, that we had two nuggets in the household, that we shared in the amazingness of our littlest addition. It is also the least amount of blogging I've done, but.... you'll forgive me, I've been busy ;)

As I've mentioned before, Captain has done tremendously well with adjusting to his new role as big brother. He's taken the changes in stride, and maintained his sweet, dedicated, happy personality all the while. Sure, it hasn't always been easy for him- fewer runs, less attention from Mommy, and the occasional ear or paw pulling from Nugget 2. But, there have been notable perks as well-

Namely, she's a messy eater. And he gets the leftovers ;) And, there have been all kinds of new special foods he gets to try...

... Incidentally, Captain graces nearly every photo of my daughter's first birthday party cake sequence ;-)

We of course still go on plenty of runs. They just look a little different, with an extra nugget in tow:

The Nugget 1-Nugget 2 relationship has been somewhat slow to develop, but I'm happy to say, Nugget 1 is warming to her.

Nugget 2's new favorite thing to do: run headfirst into Captain's bed. She dives in, then rolls over and squeals. It doesn't matter if he's in there too; she'll nuzzle up next to him, and he gives a look that I swear is like a teenager rolling his eyes. But he also gives her space, he sighs and tolerates it all. And maybe, just maybe....he likes the extra attention from this awesome little force of energy running around his house ;-)

Here's to all that 2015 has to bring! Happy New Year, and thanks for continuing to follow Captain's adventures!!


  1. This is so awesome! I can't wait until Eliana is just a bit older & they can start bonding. She's 4 months now & I notice her watching Mia more often. Lol at him photo bombing all her cake pictures- too cute!

    1. Enjoy! It has been going so fast!

  2. I have missed your blog and Captain so much!

    The picture of him photobombing the cake picture is too much. I just love those vizslas....