Thursday, April 16, 2015

RUFF months

Apologies for the blogging hiatus! There's good reason- it's been a hard few months. First, we lost our nanny and had to scramble for childcare, in the same week we were forced out of our apartment due to renovations & resulting potential health hazards, AND I was preparing for the job interview of a lifetime. Stressful, much?!! We were hopping around air b'nb's (mind you, with a 15 month old nugget), none of which were dog-friendly, so poor Captain had to stay with friends, apart from the family. That's no way for a Vizsla to live! I worked in runs with Captain on the weekends, but it was limited time with him, and hard to be unsettled.

It was without doubt the most stressful time I've experienced in life so far. At the same time, though, we just stuck our heads down and ran through it. My daughter is now in a fabulous daycare I wish we'd gotten her into sooner, our apartment situation is resolved (and safe), and I LANDED that dream job!

We certainly have some changes to come with my new job, but more on that later. For now, we're our happy little family again. Here are some recent pics!

Also- nugget 2 updates- she's TALKING, and yes, it's a-frickin-dorable. She's a spunky, outdoorsy, happy little nugget, and she loves her big brother. She says the word 'dog' and then goes 'woo woo' (for wolf wolf) in this amazingly cute little puckering of her mouth way. She can also say 'Captain' (or, ok, 'Cap'in'), and she loves chasing him around, throwing him food, and running into his bed giggling. Captain tolerates it all.... or should I say loves the food sharing, and is warming up to the rest of it ;) My master plan for the two nuggets becoming best friends is certainly working :)

So, here's to better months ahead! And more to come!


  1. Adorable Nugget!!! Congratulations on your dream job, new day care and better apartment!!! :)

  2. Congratulations on making it through the rough stuff! And the new job! Glad to hear that all has worked out well.

  3. Gorgeous photos :-D

    We are getting a wirehaired boy in a few weeks. I'm so excited :-D

  4. Here's to good times ahead and lots of nugget snuggles! :)

  5. Happy to hear the bad days are over and congratulations on getting your dream job. Enjoy the good time ahead :)

  6. Captain is absolutely delightful - I've been following him from the beginning! Glad you are getting settled... the nice thing about V's is they forgive you for everything. My V and I have moved about 11 times in his 9 years. As long as I get his bed and toys set up, he knows he's home :)