Saturday, May 16, 2015

SO Excited!

Nugget 2 is OBSESSED with Nugget 1 these days. She is SO EXCITED about Captain, and says his name all the time. She chases him around, giggling and shrieking, hands out, giant smile on her face. She is good at cuddling him, too.

Unfortunately, she also likes grabbing his ears, pulling his tail, and patting him hard. It's a learning process. We're trying to teach "gentle, gentle" and keep her away from sensitive spots like ears and tail. Captain never ceases to amaze me with how incredibly awesome he is. Patient beyond belief. Tolerant. He just stares at me, and I go to "save" him from nugget 2's sometimes-too-enthusiatic cuddles. To be fair, though, Captain is getting A LOT of treats from nugget 2, so maybe it evens out-?!

The adventures of the nuggets continue!


  1. awww- so sweet! Eliana likes to watch Mia mostly so far, but will occasionally try to touch her. I'm sure once she's a bit more mobile, the chasing will being.