Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas

...for That Special Vizsla in Your Life! 

Read on for a bunch of ideas to spoil your pup (and yourself and other Vizsla-lovers too!)

Fun Vizsla Merch:
A whole selection of Vizsla merchandise on CafePress!
How about a fine Vizsla calendar?!

Or this magnet seems pretty appropriate:

Plenty more options when you search 'Vizsla' on Cafe Press or use the link above!

Need some outdoorsy gear? Check out my active dog gear post, and my active family dog gear post.

Some highlights:
Captain loves his fleece jacket, the "Climate Changer" from Ruffwear:
And it looks like they have some other great toasty-warm coat options, like this one:

If you get lots of snow, you might want to check out boots, although Captain wasn't so fond of wearing his boots.

Lots of great stuff on Ruff Wear! REI also sells some Ruff Wear products, and has a bunch of outdoorsy dog gear if you can't wait for shipping and have a store near by.

And what are the holidays good for if not cozy-ing up and cuddling? If your pup is in need of a new bed, here are some ideas:
  • Bowsers' beds are long-lasting and stylish, we've loved ours. (Plus, the website is completely modeled by Vizslas, so you know we love it! I want a bed from the Everest collection for myself!)
  • More from Bowsers... we all know how much Vizslas like to cuddle under blankets, so these soft ones would be a great V gift.
  • LL Bean has a bunch of dog beds that look like good quality. 
  • Lands End also has a dog bed, as well as coats and other treats!

Moving on...

These days, Captain's treats are usually leftovers from his little sister's dinners. But here are some treat ideas too...

Something squeaky is always fun! Until you hear it over and over... and over and over, of course... ;)
Tuffy's King Crab toy
  • Kong also makes pretty sturdy toys. How cute is this plushie
But of course you can't go wrong with some good old tennis balls for our active Vizslas! Our favorite ball for Captain, though is a mini soccer ball (not a dog-specific toy, just a mini one from Target or Sports Basement, wherever we can find one!)

So what will Captain be getting from Santa this year? Besides lots of cuddles, on his list:
  • A new running leash from Ruff Wear (since he chewed apart his last one! I do wish they were a bit thicker, but ours has lasted a few years of... ruff wearing... ar ar). 
  • Some mint-a-breath dog bones from T.Joe's
  • A squeaky toy from our local dog store- bound to get chewed up at some point, but it makes my daughter laugh when Captain plays with them, and hey, that's a Christmas gift for everyone ;)

Happy Holidays!

PS- see posts labeled 'holidays' for more Captain Christmas fun :-)!

(Disclaimer- products listed here not meant as an endorsement, and no companies contacted me to post about their products. Simply some fun ideas!).

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