Monday, December 28, 2009

Skinny and sleepy!

Captain mid-tail wag!

I am sooooo glad to be home! It was wonderful to see all our family and friends on the East coast, but we had a stressful time leaving Captain - long story, but luckily we ended up being able to switch him to somewhere he seems much happier while we were gone. The folks at K9 Playtime love Captain and take great care of him and keep us posted on how he's doing. He was so wiggly and excited when we picked him up, and he's happily asleep on 'his' couch now.

Unfortunately Captain never seems to eat much while I'm gone, so he's pretty skinny. My goal is to fatten him back up to his usual 60 lbs. Anyone have any tips for Vizsla-mommy-has-left-me anxiety?
I'm so tired, mom, but you can still rub my belly!

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and Happy New Year!

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