Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Video time!

More installments from YouTube, just for fun!

This poor guy just can't get that oddly familiar looking puppy to chase him :-)

Too cute. Captain used to stop and stare at his reflection in store windows.

And the next one- oh, the things we do to our dogs:

Got me thinking about our tree this year too- last year we had a teeny one on top of a cabinet, but this year I'm hoping to get a full sized one... that is, if Captain will leave it alone.

Finally, the puppy in this one just killed me! I want another one!

Have a good day and give your Vizsla a big squeeze!


  1. Of course you need two! Life is more than twice as full! Chloe would be sad without Bailey and vica-versa.
    I could see Captain and his first mate.


  2. Hi there!
    I love your blog- Captain is absolutely beautiful. I'm about 95% sure that my next dog is going to be a Vizsla, so it's really fun reading about your adventures with Captain :) These videos are so cute!