Sunday, July 11, 2010

Captain goes boating!

VizslaWell, this weekend we figured out that "captain" may be a bit of a misnomer for this Vizsla... or maybe he just needs to find his sea legs. Either way, Captain didn't really seem to enjoy being on a canoe very much. We headed up to Headlesburg for a day of canoe/rafting on the Russian River, excited for Captain's first time on a boat. Unfortunately, he spent most of the time on the boat with his tail between his legs and attempting to climb up on top of his daddy, which made paddling a near impossibility. We ran into a few tricky situations with the currents, but enjoyed the sun & time with friends. Captain DID seem to like swimming around a little, cooling off in the river from the hot sun. Maybe next time we'll see how he enjoys a sailboat or more sturdy vessel....

Heading out:Captain the Vizsla in a boatCaptain the Vizsla sports his life jacketGetting coaxed into a swim:Captain the Vizsla swimming
Captain the Vizsla swimmingCaptain the Vizsla swimming
A little video of the doggie paddle:

Captain the Vizsla swimmingTaking a break on the shore after his dip:

Captain the VizslaFor now, Captain says he'll stick to being a landlubber.

Captain the Vizsla

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  1. ohmygosh! He's too cute in the boat...I took Zoe once and the wobbly/lack of balance made her nervous too.