Thursday, July 29, 2010


Vizsla with his blanket
We sometimes joke that Captain should have been named Linus because he's always carrying his blanket around. He'll come out of our bedroom, blanket in mouth, tail high, prancing around, very proud of himself for finding where I've hidden the blanket that used to line his puppy crate, and then shake his head around, ears flapping all over, and flip the blanket around as he's biting on it. Very, very cute.

He even did this with my post-race (I did the SF half marathon on Sunday) "moon blanket" this weekend (well, after barking at the weird silver thing first):

But Linus thinks his baby blanket tastes better :-)


  1. Awww...that's too cute! I'd just be happy if Mia would stop eating anything I give her to lay on...can't tell you how many towel, blanets, rugs, beds we've been though :(

  2. Rosie does the same thing! She carries her blanket around and often falls asleep with it in her mouth. Cute!