Sunday, November 21, 2010

Napa weekend

This weekend we were very excited to take a little mini-vacation for a belated anniversary trip. Unfortunately, it was pretty rainy when we arrived in Napa (but at least it was only a short 30 min drive away!). We did squeeze in a quick playtime at the nearby Alston dog park before relaxing in our room though. Captain was a little disappointed a trip to wine country meant more relaxing than running. What's up with that? Relaxing?

We stayed at the (of course) dog-friendly Napa River Inn,

Captain even got to enjoy some live jazz music at Silo's while we sipped some wine!

This is an excellent year for rawhide, mom.
Later, we snuck out to dinner at the restaurant in our hotel, keeping careful watch on Captain with our icam app. He seemed happy enough to be left with a peanut-butter kong, but somewhere in between ordering our cocktails and getting some bread, we noticed Captain seemed to be chewing on a pink item. What was that? It looked square and not at all like his RED kong... oh no! Cupcake bandit strikes again!!

Captain had found the Kara's cupcake box in the trash. (A treat for my husband earlier in the day). Luckily, my husband had polished off nearly all of the 2 cupcakes we'd gotten, and neither one of us is a big chocolate fan, so all Captain was gnawing on was the wrappers and some leftover icing from the pumpkin pie cupcake and a bit of fondant from the decoration on the banana caramel cupcake.... but I still sprinted back up to our room.

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture, but I'm sure you can imagine it.... bits of the pink box scattered around the floor, and a very guilty looking Vizsla curled up on his back, tail wagging vigorously, paws curled up, eyes begging for forgiveness. I'm sorry! But you left cupcake leftovers in an open trashcan on the floor!! I'm only canine!!! Cupcakes, mommy, cupcakes!! You know they're my weakness!!

Needless to say, he was very good the rest of the night and stayed right on his bed sleeping, despite the increased sugar intake. Vizlsas know when they're wrong! But they are impossible to stay cross at :-)

The next morning we awoke to lots of sun, so we went out for a run and then a walk around Napa.

Captain was happy to see sun, but even happier to see birds!

But this is what he was happiest about- finally, he got some REAL playtime!

It was fun in Napa, we'll be back!

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  1. Happy anniversary! Looks like a great way to celebrate :)