Sunday, November 7, 2010


This weekend we explored Tilden Regional Park, a wonderful local park in the East Bay with plenty of miles of hills for running and exploring. Captain was a pretty happy hiker! We went with some friends and their dog Lucy, who kept running off into the trees... at one point she came back with what looked like a broken stick from far away... she was REALLY proud of herself, and as she got closer we realized it wasn't a stick at all- she had found a deer leg! Ick... I was glad Captain stayed away. I did NOT take a picture of that find! But here are a few pics of the area.

Tilden is a beautiful park that's great for a day hike. We had quite a bit of fog this Saturday, but the sun peaked through a little bit!

Looking forward to coming back to this near-by park when it's sunnier so we can take in the view even more!

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