Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vizsla Things 6: The Crazy Puppy Run

You don't need to be a puppy to do the crazy puppy run.... when you're a Vizsla. Here are a few videos that show just what I mean when I say "crazy puppy run" (and actually, they were taken within about 10 seconds of one another, so it's really like one incredibly long crazy puppy run).

I was really trying to get a few outdoor videos showing this - then you really see the full definition of the crazy puppy run. There's a little pause in between mad dashes, with front paws splayed out, eyes wild, butt in the air, and then straight into another few circles of full-on sprint. It always cracks me up. So usually I'm laughing instead of pulling out my phone or camera, and these videos will have to do. But if you know a Vizsla, I'm sure you've seen this in person!

As a highly energetic breed, Vizslas don't just run.... they crazy run! While I think Captain's crazy-puppy-running episodes have decreased in frequency as he's getting older, he still definitely does this. Just not so much inside anymore!

More Vizsla Things to come...


  1. we just call these "the crazies"

    so fun

  2. When I got a Border Collie people asked if I could 'handle a really high energy dog'. I said clearly they had never had a field dog if they thought BC's were 'high' energy!! :). As seen in your video with the Aussie just watching the V "FRAP' around the house:)