Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vizsla Things 5: Incredible Flying Ears!

Yup, the next thing (in no particular order) that makes a Vizsla a Vizsla are those gorgeous ears. Gorgeous, big, flying ears.

I've said before that I think when Captain was a puppy his ears were the biggest part of him. I'm a total sucker for a dog with big ears ;-) Vizsla ears are big, soft, perfect red triangles that fly tremendously in the wind.

(On a more serious note, big floppy ears also means they can be more susceptible to ear infections, so make sure you dry your Vizsla's ears after swimming, bathing, and periodically for cleaning. Captain had an ear infection as a puppy, and let me tell you, putting ear drops in an active puppy's ears was no easy task.)

Cheers, big ears!


  1. Vizsla ears are my FAVORITE. I just made a post last week about my 8 month old V's ears-- I love them so much!

    I've been reading your blog and adventures with Captain for a while now but I suck at commenting-- but as soon as I saw this post about the ears, I knew I had to comment and share my post as well:

  2. Oh so cute! Thanks for sharing & commenting. I love all the action shots- but I think the first one out of the car is my absolute favorite!!