Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vizsla Things 7: The Wiggle Butt!

You knew it was coming.... I've been holding out on the penultimate Vizsla Thing (mainly because I was trying to get the perfect video, and to learn how to work iMovie. Neither completely happened, but there's just no more delaying it!)

Without further ado, one of the things I love most about Vizslas... in addition to their amazing loving personalities, their pointing, their gorgeous red coats,  their giant ears, and their energy.... is their ability to wiggle like none other!

That's actually a slightly tamed-down version of the greeting we usually get from Captain. Like I said, I had issues trying to get the "perfect" video, but you get the sense of his wigglyness!

Here's another video I found on YouTube that shows that special wiggle something...

Every time we come home, Captain has made it a habit of bringing us a "present" (one of his toys) as he wiggles, and I love how the Vizsla in the video above seems to be doing the same thing.

There's nothing like a good wiggle butt..and I'm convinced no dog does it better than the Vizsla!

Do you have other Vizsla Things in mind? Let me know! Captain wants to make sure he's keeping up with the pack ;-)


  1. Ah yes the wiggle butt, our vizzie certainly has that trait too, also the bringing something to you in his mouth when you come home, its great, such excitement and pleasure to see you, can't beat it

  2. Love the wiggle butt video - GREAT choice of music!!

    1. thanks! definitely was laughing while i was putting that one together ;-)

  3. LOL! My Meadow does the same "wiggle butt" routine, but I've never put it to music. I just might have to...the music made the Vizsla dance even cuter!!

  4. I think it is because they watch MTV while we are at work and have picked up twerking. Our Newman (we miss you terribly buddy) did it on command.