Monday, May 7, 2012


*Photo from Peter Barss' Flickr photostream, in the Vizsla Love photo group.

I had to share this photo when I saw it, because it is titled "Vizsla at Banff" and 1) well obviously- I had to share it because it has our favorite breed of good looking dog in it; but also because 2) I have been wanting to go to Banff for a while! It looks gorgeous and I love that sort of rugged outdoor-focused travel.

That trip will have to wait, though- because we just took at little 3 day trip to what seemed like ALL over California! Sadly, we did not bring Captain- a rarity for us- he stayed at home with a good friend though, so don't feel too bad for him ;-) For more on what the non-Vizslas did, read on.

We were supposed to go to Mexico after my marathon. (Big thanks for all the comments, by the way!) In typical form, at 11pm the night before we were supposed to leave (on a 9AM flight the next day), we were packing, and I said to my husband, "We should remember the passports." My husband looked a little concerned. When he pulled his out, he realized his expired on April 30, 2012. Guess what day we were leaving? May 1, 2012. Whoops. Let's just say it wasn't a very happy night.

But, it the end, all we lost was 1 night's hotel fee (well, ok, and a trip to Mexico). Instead of letting it ruin the week, we (ummm... my husband) planned a surprise getaway around California.

Usually I avoid places that don't let you bring your dog, but since Captain was being well taken care of at home, we took advantage of a few Cali spots you can only enjoy sans pup.

Our 3-day trip included:
A 6-7 mile hike around the beautiful (and wildlife-filled!) Pinnacles National Monument :

Some shopping (and beverages) in San Luis Obispo (what a cute town!) ...

The amazing Hearst Castle:

Lots of this:

And even some pretty feisty elephant seals near San Simeon! I wonder what Captain would have done if he had been there....

On the way home, we drove along Highway 1, so we ended up driving along the very course I'd run just a few days earlier! My husband said he was tired just driving it ;-) But it was a nice way to bring things full-circle, back to my wonderful Big Sur experience.

So, in the end, we didn't end up going to Mexico - but we DID have an awesome vacation. I loved getting to experience new beautiful spots! When life (or passports) hands you lemons, make lemonade!!   (Or, you know, just renew your passports ;-)  )

When we got home, we were of course greeted by the most amazing wiggle butt ever ;-)


  1. Hi Y'all,

    Stoppin' to say "hello" and see how y'all are doing. Sounds like you had a splendid time anyway. It maybe saved you a case of dysentery. ;)

    Hope you have a fantastic week!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Thanks!! Yep, it all worked out and we had a great time!

  2. What a wonderful suprise Trip - that hike looks amazing!

    1. It was! Plus I got to climb a lot of rocks (and take pictures of them), which I am fond of doing ;-)