Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding New Friends

Change is hard for anyone- including dogs. Getting to know a new neighborhood can be exciting, but it can also be a little disorienting. Over the past week and a half in our new place, we've been searching for our neighborhood dog park, the good running spots, and, as insisted by Captain, where the squirrels are.

That last one may be the easiest...

In fact, there's no shortage of wildlife to point at and stalk. In addition to squirrels, we've seen PLENTY of geese around the lake...

... as well as lots of pelicans, of course pigeons (going back to Captain's pigeon hunting puppy days!)... and even a TURTLE!! This was Captain's first ever turtle sighting, and let me tell you, it was entertaining. He had no clue what it was. I held him back because he was literally about to put his nose right on the shell, and I didn't want him getting snapped at!

But what about finding our local dog park and favorite running spots? That's been more of a challenge. Captain HAS found some new potential doggie BFFs, including a 10 month old male puppy, and a few girls to chase and rough and tumble with. To read more about our hunt for just the right park, see our post on first explorations of Oakland...

And, in case you were wondering - no, Captain has not yet christened his new backyard (well, that I've seen anyway). I DO feel like a proud mommy though, because he's been getting used to going out there all by himself ;-) Hard to get a Vizsla to want to leave your side, but the napping in the sunshine IS a strong draw!

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