Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tales from the New Backyard

Don't turn your nose up at us for not posting recently... we're still unpacking and getting settled! It's definitely been disorienting for Captain- poor thing, he keeps following me around as I unpack boxes, go from room to room - even I don't know where things go yet, so he's totally bewildered. We still need to get back into a routine, find local doggie friends, and... one big thing.... Captain needs to learn it's ok to pee in the backyard!

Oh the irony- he won't do his business in our yard! I think we need to invite some doggie friends over... or maybe he just needs more time to get settled. BUT, we are loving the new neighborhood- sunny, lots of new running spots to explore, and plenty for a Vizsla to sniff ;-)

 More tales & adventures from Captain to come!


  1. Looking forward to more. Happy Monday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Very nice yard, Captain. Who can blame you for not wanting to do your business - it's still brand new. But I would think you'd want to put your stamp on it just to let others know it's all yours!!!

  3. Just send Garrett out there next time he's drunk to show Captain how it's done.

  4. Hi Captain, just stopped by to see if your move was going good. I heard about you on Hanks blog and thought I'd come over. I can't wait to read more about your life in the future. Your new follower, Bert

    1. Thanks! We are getting more's a process, but I think Captain is getting used to the new digs!