Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This morning in our local dog park, there were at least 30 dogs gathered for doggie Halloween. Captain definitely does not like the little devil horns I put on as his "costume"- probably because quite obviously he's an Angel ;) - but there were two other "devil dogs" so at least he fit in :)

It was pretty hard to snap pics- think mass chaos- but it was pretty cute when everyone lined up (or tried to, anyway) for a picture!

Of course, we do miss Dogtoberfest, but playing tug and chasing squirrels is a reaaaaally close second :)


  1. Cute colour-coordinated devil dogs! What a good boy maintaining a sit-stay in the midst of "mass chaos"!

    1. Yes, he can be quite determined when there's a treat in my hand! ;-) The sit-stay was actually easier than me trying to be behind him, bc he kept facing me :)