Friday, January 25, 2013

The Vizsla Dictionary

Do you ever feel like you have your own language or terminology when it comes to your dog? Somehow, inexplicably, it started the minute we got Captain. I've mentioned this before, but for some reason, my husband and I started referring to each other as "Mommy" and "Daddy" around Captain. There was no helping it; right from the start, it was "Captain, where's Daddy?" or "Go get Mommy." There was no discussion. No thought. We were insta-parents. And from there, a whole slew of Vizsla/Captain/dog terms grew. Vizslology, if you will. (That's supposed to be "Vizsla Terminology" smooshed together) ;-)

Here's our version the Vizsla Dictionary...

  • Bird (ˈbərd): Object of the Vizsla's desire. (Quickly accompanied by): POINT! (see also SQUIRREL!)
  • Crazy puppy run (krā-zē ˈpə-pē rən): An incredibly hyper, non-stop, full-on sprint, typically done in consecutive circles for at least a few minutes, and sometimes around furniture (particularly when said puppy is actually a puppy) or trees. The crazy puppy run starts and ends with a wild-eyed look, splayed front paws, and bum in the air. Sometimes also simply referred to as "the crazies." Example: The Crazy Puppy run video
  • Cuddle bug (ˈkə-dəl ˈbəg): The propensity of the Vizsla to always want to be next to or directly on top of his/her humans, preferably under a blanket. This sometimes may lead to the variation known as blanket hog. Example:
What? This comforter wasn't bought specifically for me?
    • Frog dog (frôg dôg): The flexible position in which the Vizsla's back legs are layed out behind him, like so: (see also yoga dog)

    • The (60lb) Lap Dog (ˈlap dôg): The climbing into the lap of the human by the Vizsla, despite not being lap-sized. Examples:
    • The Lean (ˈlēn): Action by which the Vizsla leans his/her side or rear end up against the leg of the nearest or friendliest human, often in greeting, usually to get a good booty scratching.
    • Noodge (nooj) or PushyPushy (ˈp-shēˈp-shē): Aka, "being a noodge." Not to be confused with "the nudge" (see below); the characteristic in which the Vizsla is acting a bit spoiled and demanding his/her way, in an "in your face," "give me a treat/run/play/cuddle now" way. Not as obnoxious as it sounds, given the Vizsla's incredible good looks (see really,really,really ridiculously good looking). 
    • The Nudge (ˈnəj): The Vizsla's persistent push with the nose under the human's arm, conducted to get human's attention- often for affection, or play, and sometimes accompanied by a little whine.
    •  Parkoclock (ˈpärkō-ˈkläk): The period of the day, usually early evening, when it's time go out and play at the dog park. Most typically, this is at least an hour before human is actually done with work. Often accompanied by the Vizsla Stare Down and Vizsla Mind Tricks.
    • Really,really,really,ridiculously good looking (ˈrē-(ə-)lēˈrē-(ə-)lēˈrē-(ə-)lērə-ˈdi-kyə-ləsˈgd ˈlk'ng) The phrase to describe incredible good-looks, popularized by Derek Zoolander. The only way to describe a Vizsla. Case in point:
    Captain does his "Blue Steel"
    Ok, so we have a lot of these examples:
        • Slinky dog (ˈsliŋ-kē dôg): The "slinking along" low-to-the ground, head down stance taken by the Vizsla, often when feeling guilty (such as after counter-surfing and stealing an entire tray of cupcakes) or doing something he/she doesn't want to do (such as getting into the bath). 
        • Smothermother (ˈsmə-thərmə-thər): Excessive cuddles, hugs, and kisses to the Vizsla "baby", conducted by the female parent of the house.
        • SQUIRREL!!!! (ˈskwə-rəl): Where?!  ;-)
        • Velcrodog (ˈvel-(ˌ)krōdôg): The tendency of the Vizsla to ALWAYS be stuck at his/her human's side/foot/leg. This includes when said human does everything from going to the fridge, takes out the trash, or yes, even goes to the bathroom.
        • Vizsla Mind Tricks  (ˈvēzsch-lə ˈtrix): The inexplicable ability of the Vizsla to get whatever he/she wants, simply by staring at his/her owner (using the Vizsla Stare Down). Examples:

        • Vizsla Stare Down  (ˈvēzsch-lə ˈster doun): The intense, uninterrupted gaze of the Vizsla directly at his/her human, conducted in order to get what he/she wants. May be administered from multiple angles in order to catch human's attention. Example:
        • Wiggle butt (ˈwi-gəl ˈbət): A vigorous shaking of the entire rear end of the Vizsla, waves of wiggles, from tail to mid-region, usually performed upon greeting. Example: The Wiggle Butt Video.
        • Yoga dog (ˈyō-gə dôg): Stretching position, also known as 'downward dog' in yoga, in which rear end is high in the air, and front paws are stretched long in front. Alterations may include complete face-down stretches, such as:

        In addition to this Vizslology (I'm going with it), there are also of course typical Vizsla traits and behaviors: pointing, stalking, leaping... you know, the Vizsla Things ;-)

        These are very smart dogs, so of course they need their own dictionary ;-). Captain likes to stay current on his reading as well:

        What are your favorite terms and phrases you use just for your dog?


        1. I love this :) I try to show the people I work with the magnetism of the vizsla but they don't get it... So I brought Dash into work so they could feel the power themselves

        2. Genius!! We refer to "Crazy puppy run" as "Mad Dog" in our Vizsla house - Our Stanley is 9 years old and still has a bout of mad dog once a week or more! Our Magda, across the Rainbow Bridge, had an added trick to her "Vizsla Stare Down" in that she would move her eyes in the general direction of whatever she wanted at various intervals during the stare down. They are amazing creatures! And Captain truly is Really,really,really,ridiculously good looking....Thanks!

          1. Thanks! Everyone must have a name for the crazy puppy run/Mad Dog, since they do it so much!! ;-) I've also heard "the crazies" which I think is cute too!

        3. We say that someone must have a "bug up their butt" when we see the crazies. If all the Vs are involved it's "keystone cop time." And don't forget "The Paw" when the stare just isn't enough.

          Also, I found this years ago and all V owners can relate

          I love reading of the adventures of Captain.

          1. Oh yes, the paw! How could I have forgotten?! And thanks for sharing that link!

          2. Haha the paw when the stare isn't enough :) So true!

        4. Haha! This made me laugh so much! Our 4 month old Vizsla(Thurman) does so many of these things already!!

          We have one that we call the "smiley boy" - whenever me or my husband come home (or even back into the room after 2 seconds) he grabs one of his toys, starts the wiggle butt, with his ears back(we call that the bald eagle) and he has this adorable smile on his face.

          Another thing Thurman does everyday is try to get in the shower while I am in there. So ridiculous, but so cute.

          We also instantly started calling each other Mommy and Daddy. I love it! We definitely have our own language when it comes to our little guy. I always say if people actually heard the conversations happening in our home they would think we were nuts!! I am glad to see it is not just us!!

          1. So cute. Smiley Boy makes me think of another one I accidentally forgot- "the elvis" - when his upper lip gets caught up. Too cute. So glad it made you laugh!!

        5. We call running in circles at full speed "the zoomies"!

          1. So cute!! I had a track friend we used to call "Zoomer" - totally fits the speedy ones!

        6. I LOVE this! I love this whole blog. I never thought we would find someone who loved their Viszla and all her idiosyncracies as much as we do :)

          1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this one ;-)

        7. Beautiful dog! I have a one year old female Viszla and she is the love of my life! LOL She follows me like a shadow (yes, even to the bathroom) and is the most affectionate "person" I have ever met. :-)

        8. I love it! You hit on all the traits I thought were unique to my dog. I guess it's unique to the V breed. Well done.

        9. This entire article, all pix, comments, 'Vizsla Dictionary'...SOOO Perfect. My 7yr young Liam, also my Svc Dog is my 2nd Vizsla & I will never live my Life w/o one. It's as though he knows what I'm thinking, what I need & yet tells me what he wants, needs at the same time. Frankly, he's so popular that if I dare walk into my neighborhood Starbux w/o him, there's a "WHERE'S LIAM"

        10. We have two vizslas! Cali is 5 now (she is also from Red Dog Ranch in Ramona and looks a lot like Captain!!!), and Misty will be 2 in March (she is from Willowwynd in Davis). They do so many of the same things that Captain does, especially Cali :) We like to call the crazy puppy run "Crazy Vizsla". It's so fun to watch them go at it together! They run circles around all the dogs at the dog park. Cali also has a very active wiggle butt. They are such a wonderful addition to the family, and I can't imagine life without them!