Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paws & Ears

All paws, ears, and cuddles on a Sunday morning.

There are so many little things I love about Captain, besides just the usual Vizsla Things (the most amazing wiggle butt greeting, big soft ears, their overall look, their velcro-dog personality). One is quite simply the way he sleeps.

Sometimes he makes these little whimpering/laughing noises, like "mmmhmmmhmmmm" as he's sleeping- who knows what he's dreaming about- maybe chasing squirrels- but it's just too cute. Then there are the times he uses his paws to wipe his eyes, or when he rubs his head against the side of our bed in the morning. Or when, every time I turn on my hairdryer, he comes running to be beside me.

It's the little things ;-)

Happy Weekend to you!
What are your favorite little things?


  1. It's so amazing to see how all Vizsla's look alike. When I see Captain it's like I see my own Vizsla Faldo. What I like about him is his over-enthousiastic way of greeting us, yes with the wiggle butt, although it looks like Faldo is using is whole back to wiggle, always with one of his toys in his mouth. Or his grumble and mumble sounds when he's sent into his bed (or our couch). Or the way he stands up to overlook the environment.Or the way he tries to cuddle up on our laps. No one told me Vizsla's are lap dogs, haha.

    1. Yes I love all those things too! They are such characters!

  2. my Vizsla Sedona is 16 weeks and ALL these traits she has as well. A couple times a day she goes spazzy and growls and runs figure 8s through the house! I LOVE my Vizsla!