Monday, March 18, 2013

Beautiful Briones

On sunny Saturday, we headed for the hills of the East bay to do some hiking. I can't believe we haven't made it to Briones Regional Park before this- it's a short drive from where we are, close to San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, and it's a beautiful spot. I was happy to discover what a great hiking area Briones is, with both wide open rolling hills and fields and beautiful views, and also plenty of shaded trails (important when it can get so hot in the East Bay!). Tons of gorgeous space for off-leash running. We did a 7 mile hike around and up the hills, and were all- even Captain-relaxed and content afterwords!

In addition to the trails and views, there were plenty of cows around- so close you could touch them. We'd be walking along a trail, and all of a sudden, there would be 3, 4, or 5 cows, RIGHT THERE. I was worried Captain would bark at them, or freak out, but after seeing the first one, on leash at the start of the trail, he pretty much just ignored them and walked right by them the rest of the hike. He was far more interested in sniffing the breeze and trails, and checking for scurrying sounds in the bushes.

Briones Park: Plenty of cows, trails, and views

At the end of our hike, we ran into a 5 month old Vizsla named Jasper, and his friendly parents. Too bad I didn't get a picture (I am always slightly wary of taking pics of dogs I've just met for fear of weirding out their owners.... and, I was too transfixed by how cute he was. It likely would have been a blur anyway!)

It was a great day of hiking in the Bay!

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