Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reader Pics...and Introducing Vizsla Spotting!

Photo credit: Almar, by L.Halasova
We've had some awesome photos submitted to our Facebook page, so I wanted to share these newer ones. And I wanted to let you know about a new photo submission site just for Vizslas...

More reader pics:

Photo credit: Multiple fans from our Facebook page!

So many great shots!
Photo credit: Penny by Y. Jessome

Speaking of tons of great photos, I've had an idea in the works for quite a while now, and all the wonderful pictures people have submitted on our page on Facebook only convinced me all the more. While Flickr's Vizsla Love group is a great space to find amazing pictures of Vizslas, I've been wanting something a little bit more like the "food porn" sites that let you submit your own photos that link back to your blog or website (if you have one), or just oogle over great photos from others. So we're starting a new site:

Captain makes me laugh uncontrollably and smile boundlessly every day. I'm sure you feel the same way. And who doesn't like looking at pictures of cute dogs? Right?! So feel free to submit your favorite pictures. I don't have any ulterior motives here, other than possibly procrastinating from work every now and then.... ;-) I just want to create a space where Vizsla lovers can come to share and enjoy photos.

The site I'm sure will be updated as I go. Feel free to leave questions, comments, or suggestions either here or on the 'Questions' page of Vizsla Spotting. Note that when you submit a photo, there will be a delay between submission and when it appears; hopefully this will not be longer than 24 hours, but all photos must be approved first.

Oh and a big Thank YOU to everyone who has posted pictures on our Facebook page. We love these photos. If anyone would NOT like their photo included in this post and it is, or would like a different credit noted, please let me know.

Happy Vizsla Spotting from Captain & crew! :-)


  1. You may be sorry you asked for photos! lol Thanks for doing this - sounds like tons of fun!

    1. I know, this could be distracting- but the pics are just too cute! Luckily, there is an auto-post option...