Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beach Fun

Sometimes you just need to feel the sand between your toes. Or paws, as the case may be. This Saturday was one of those times, so we headed over to Chrissy Field for plenty of beach fun.

Captain always has a blast when we go to Chrissy. And I love it for its views that never get old. It's just so relaxing to be walking along the beach with your dog! Thank God for off-leash dog beaches, really.

Flying ears & Alcatraz in the background

There was a little bit of crazy puppy run, a little bit of playing with & chasing other dogs on the beach, and a little bit of splashing (Captain mainly just wades into the water to grab a drink- even though I tell him not to drink the sea water- and then jumps away any time a wave comes). Oh and of course, there was some bird stalking too:

I had fun watching the kite-boarders, too (amazing!) - but Captain just gave them a sideways glance. He's not too sure what to make of kites in general; let alone people in the ocean with them.

This close-up might be my favorite pic of the day:

Loved my mommy& Captain beach day. Is it the weekend again yet?!


  1. Sounds like a great beach to hang out and it sure looks like he had a fun time. :-)

    You're right, that close-up photo sure is a keeper!

  2. I am so happy to have found your blog!
    I am a the owner of a VERY happy 3 year old Vizsla named Abby. Best dogs ever!

    1. Welcome! Glad you found the blog too!

  3. I wish we had an off-leash beach in my area... Missouri... no luck there! :P Maybe we'll make it out your way at some point with our 2 Vizzies, Rowdy and Mika. Great pictures!

  4. I love his nose freckle! Such a handsome pup. My two love the sand and ocean as well. :)