Monday, May 26, 2014

Captain America

Happy Memorial Day (for our U.S. friends)! We enjoyed our first holiday weekend together since I started my new job. On the agenda? A long(er) run with Captain, of course! For more updates, read on.

Things have been going well recently- crazy busy, but good. We're starting to get into a bit of a routine. I'm liking the new job- it's interesting work, and good people. Not enough sleep, of course, and it's hard to find enough time in the day to exercise like I like to, but I know we'll figure it out and settle in. Being a working Mom/parent is a tiring, all-consuming challenge, but I feel incredibly fulfilled, and lucky to have my nuggets as well as my career.

Captain seems to be doing well with the bike commute, and likes going to work with Daddy every day. The first few days, before my husband noticed, Captain did get some rubbing in his "underarms" which led to some pretty bad, raw sores. They came from using an un-padded Easy Walk (which is an overall a great harness for every day walks, but is not so good for extended runs). We recently switched over to a padded Ruff Wear harness, but readers on our Facebook page also had great suggestions for creams/balms (such as Bag Balm) to use to heal and prevent sores, as well as home remedies for padding harnesses (such as wrapping with fleece). He's doing better now, but I was definitely worried about him!

As for the nugget 1/nugget 2 relationship, they aren't exactly the best friends I have been hoping for yet, but the relationship is definitely growing. Case in point, this heart-melting moment when nugget 2 learned the joys of petting nugget 1: 
Yes, she drooled all over him, and no, he didn't seem that impressed.... but it was incredibly entertaining (for a mom) to watch ;-) (And yes, I had to crop my sleepy husband out of that photo).

And I love to try and get the two of them together whenever I can:

Seriously. Too. Much. Love. Nugget cuteness overload!!  ;-)

Other updates:
-Tried nugget 2 on solid food this weekend. Very exciting. Captain is getting closer to reaping the benefits of this whole baby thing. (It was just mashed avocado, so no spillage. But just you wait, those cheerios are coming.... one day.....)
-Nugget 2 is sitting and rolling over. It's only a matter of time before she's chasing Captain ;-)

I would write more, but my eyes are barely open at this point and you can consider it a monumental accomplishment I even managed a post with more than one picture, in focus, and text that is not completely over-ridden by typos, spelling mistakes, and mis-used words (did I??)

zzzzzzzzz......... to be my dog right now......

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  1. Well, that's a tired Vizsla there! :-) Which is a good thing I hear. (I have a 18 month old female) Great pics!