Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Toddler

Over the past few months, I've come to think of Captain more and more as my "toddler." You've heard me refer to him as my first baby, and it really does fit in many ways. He throws little "temper tantrums" when he wants more attention or play time (though these are much more tame and- let's face it- cuter- than a two year old's breakdowns.... he simply pulls out his blankie and whips it around in his mouth, or takes a toy and shoves it in front of us), he follows us around (ok, that's just typical Vizsla), and recently, when Nugget 2 started moving around, I think that's when it really clicked for him. I could practically see his mind thinking: Oh my God. You mean this thing can move? We need to hide my toys. ;)

Ready to pounce.

Of course, there are benefits to having a growing up nugget in the house. Namely, so far: Cheerios.

Also, leftovers. I've been making Nugget 2 all kinds of purees, most of which contain at least one ingredient Captain absolutely loves (sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots...). I can't help myself, if there's spoonful or two that Nugget 2 doesn't want, it goes in Nugget 1's bowl. Better yet, Nugget 1 is on clean-up duty for all those spoons that fall on the floor or errant handfuls of sweet potato mash that get thrown around. It's fun for everyone :-)

I'll admit, I've been trying to force the nugget relationship since Day 1. I just can't wait to see them cuddling and loving each other's company! So far, as I've mentioned in previous posts, Captain has been mainly reticent around Nugget 2, calm and patient and reserved, and a little unsure. But day by day, he's opening up more to her. Food helps ;) And I also think he's just observing how we interact with her and has realized she's a big part of the family. I don't think he's jealous, though.

And there have been the adorable moments- baby steps- in their relationship: Captain running into Nugget's nursery when our fire alarm went off; Captain following us into the bathroom for bathtime (hers, not his); Captain cuddling up to my feet when I'm nursing her; allowing her to touch his paw, grab his ears. And just yesterday Nugget 2 held the leash while we were walking Captain! She squeals in delight when she watches him fetch his soccer ball, or happily run down the street. It's adorable :)

And what about the update from my side of things? I feel like we really have entered the "fun stage" with Nugget 2. It's just plain amazing to see her learning new things, so quickly, trying out new sounds, figuring out how to get around... and flash her giant smile with loud giggles throughout the day. She's infectiously happy and wondrous and wonderful and impossible not to kiss ;)

Mommy and her Nuggets
It's been a whirlwind. I work full time, so I feel like there is never enough time, and I don't get enough time with either nugget (although that's getting a little better now that I'm working from home one day a week and doing some earlier nanny share pick ups). There are times during the day when I feel like a super mom, doing it all. And then there are times during the day when I feel like whatever I'm doing, it's not enough.... another mom is spending more time with her baby and doesn't have to work....another mom is getting more accomplished at work....another mom is pumping more milk, or making more foods, or yada yada yada. It's hard not to compare yourselves with others in the world of parenting, or to feel like what you are doing is good enough for your child, despite all your best efforts. But, in my heart, I know BOTH Nugget 1 and Nugget 2 are getting everything they need, and they'll thrive because they are surrounded by incredible love.

Recently, I booked us a family weekend away for our upcoming anniversary. When I was trying to find somewhere, my mother asked why we don't just board Captain. Though we do have a great family Captain stays with for boarding when we go away, for this trip, not taking Captain wasn't an option in my mind. I miss spending my days with Captain, too, and going away on a family vacation just isn't our family without Captain. So, look for a family fun post in about a month!

Also up soon: Captain's 6th birthday! Just about 1 more week! My little toddler is growing up ;)

Happy tails & trails from Nuggetland!


  1. Great post! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to take your dog with you on your getaway. We hate leaving our Vizsla home. They are definitely part of the family!

  2. I can't believe Captain is almost 6! We just got a puppy and it's great to watch your little ones grow up over the years. Hopefully we'll have our own (human) family in time