Saturday, August 23, 2014

Captain's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Captain! SIX years old! All dressed up in his birthday bow (and about to get tackled by his little sis). It's been a big year of change for Captain, of course....last year at this time he was the only nugget in the house, and now- well, now we know that's all changed!

Nugget 2 has found his bed in the living room, and all of a sudden she ALL ABOUT crawling over to it. Poor Captain says: I can't get away...

But, there have been Nugget 2 perks, of course. Today started out with a Cheerio nugget pow-wow on the floor...

But then we did something just for Captain, and took a little run to our local dog park. I promised him some squirrels, and he found 'em!

...and then a trip to the pet store to get a bunch of treats!
She always makes me wait...

NOW can I eat them??
...and then a trip to ANOTHER dog park!

Obviously, it's been a big year for our family, and I'm thrilled both nuggets are getting along, and that we're so blessed to have them in our lives. The past six years with Captain have been awesome, and I'm looking forward to many more!

Happy birthday to my first nugget!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Captain! Love seeing puppy+baby photos- can't wait until Mia can play with our little peanut :)

  2. Hi, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and learning as much as I can about life with a Vizsla. We get our V puppy on Feb 1 and I would love to chat with you more about tips for raising our puppy, living in an apartment, training, etc. Just let me know! Thanks!

    1. Oi - just saw this, almost a year later. Sorry for lack of response! I'm much better at responding to messages on our Facebook page, should any questions come up! Hope you have been enjoying the pup!