Friday, March 25, 2016

Love bugs

Recently, I think something has changed in the nugget 1 to nugget 2 relationship... I think he's actually starting to like her. Now, don't get me wrong- I don't think he's ever really disliked her- it's been more a progression from vague curiosity mixed with a little fear/reservation to indifference, with spurts of protectiveness and annoyance mixed in. But now, there's a new phase- I think he's actually starting to like her attention (!!!)

There are other perks, too, like stealing her chair: 

I wouldn't say Captain's exactly seeking her out for cuddles, but he's not running away from her "hug attacks". Of course, sometimes he reaches his limit with her- but a big brother's always gonna have those times when he gets annoyed with his little sis! Case in point:

Shenanigans. Of course, it melts my heart when she tells him she loves him. Looking forward to more watching these two grow together!


  1. So cute! Captain is a very patient dog!

  2. My daughter is 4 and my boy still hasn't come around much more than nugget 1. I'm still hoping!