Monday, February 9, 2009

Our little boy blue...

The first time I ever saw a Vizsla was actually not too many years ago, in Cotuit, MA. It was a perfect Cape Cod summer day, and from across the beach I spotted a gorgeously reddish, muscular, lean, dog. What was this fabulous creature? Short hair, muscular physique, and happy go lucky attitude...we couldn't resist going over and speaking with the owners to find out.

Since that time, my husband and I have learned a lot about Vizlas. We'd wanted a dog for a while, but it came to be an issue of the right dog at the right time. Most little dogs were out- couldn't run with 'em. Beagles? Too barky. Labs are great... but a bit too big for our apartment life. The more we read about Vizslas, though, the more they seemed to fit our lifestyle. And I couldn't forget that beauty on the beach. I realize that probably every dog owner thinks their breed is best. But REALLY, what could be better than an absolutely beautiful, medium sized, active, trainable, short-haired, regal-looking, incredibly sweet, loyal dog?

With our wedding and impending move across the country a few months away, I settled in to finding a West-coast Viszla breeder with pups coming sometime in the late summer/fall, to be brought home after our wedding. The right dog at the right time ;-)

We were first introduced to our puppy via pictures from our breeder, Dawn from Red Dog Ranch. How to pick just one from this incredible bunch? Dawn sent us pictures and updates, and slowly, slowly, one little guy emerged as the captain. We knew the pups only by the color of their collars, and we were somewhat choosing between 'blue' and 'teal'...

(video courtesy of Dawn from Red Dog Ranch)
With his peppy puppy attitude and hint of mischievousness, we couldn't resist. Blue had won out (in case you can't tell, blue is the one on the right, biting his brother at the end). We couldn't wait to bring him home.

In case you were wondering, Captain's parents are Sedona and Tacoma.

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