Monday, February 9, 2009

Arrival of the Captain

The time had come. We'd done our share of reading through puppy training books, watching Cesar Millan episodes endlessly, and gathering puppy supplies. We were so excited for this day. Due to a number of circumstances (not least of which was my revelation that California is really long), he was arriving by plane (a short 90 min flight, though it still made me uneasy). Unfortunatly, the poor little guy's flight was delayed, making his trip a bit longer. And then we were waiting in the Cargo pickup for what seemed like FOREVER. 30 minutes went by....45.... I could just picture my poor lost little baby....

Finally, they brought him to us, a bewildered little puppy, so small and yet at the same time somehow bigger than what I had imagined after the breeder's pictures, with ears the size of the plane's wings he came in on.... we immediately snatched him up, gave him water and some food, and then were off homeward, with Captain snuggling up against me in the backseat. I could hardly believe the little creature in my arms. Pure joy.


  1. Captain should come to the annual Northern California Viz Whiz in Cottonwood, CA (Southern Shasta County)in August. We've had folks (with their wiggle butts) from as far north as Sacramento and as far east as Nevada City attend and a good time was had by all. Our property is the perfect setting for a zoomfest as it is 3 completely fenced acres with a huge pool for the swimmers in the bunch. Email if you're interested : Dawn Duckett

  2. Enjoying your blog! Our Vizsla will be born in June, home in August we can't wait!!