Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vizslas and Vizslas and more Vizslas, oh my!

Friday we took Captain to the wonderful O'Paws, a doggie daycare and bed & breakfast that has a wonderful preference for our favorite pups.This picture doesn't even capture the half of it- 15 or so Vizslas, of all different ages, roaming around what feels like a very nice hotel/home for very nice dogs. It was my husband's birthday and we wanted a day & night out on the town - we're up to about 3.5 hrs leaving Captain alone, but that's about his limit right for daytime/evening alone time. When we first took Captain to O'Paws to meet the pack, he was pretty hyper and had to learn his place, but he fit right in and when I came to pick him up Saturday morning, he gave me a quick greeting and then went right back to playing, as if to say, "Oh, hi's you...." He didn't want to leave! We will definitely be back. Hey, I'd even go just to watch all the beautiful Vs- it really is a sight! Captain's new home away from home... I'll feel like he's getting a treat whenever we go away and can't take him with us. They take them to great off-leash parks all over the city, so not only do they get to rest in a very nice condo, with a backyard, they also get their energy out running all around outside. Very fun.

More pics from the weekend to come.... Golden Gate park and more! And with the new camera!

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