Saturday, February 20, 2010

V love: Funny faces!

It's time for more Vizsla love photos from Flickr! This time it's funny pics:

Wonder how she really feels?
Photo from Violetsmom2010, Flickr

Can't you just hear him? "Why wasn't I invited to this?"

Bad dog!
Photo from marcuskaz

Oops I ate the Violets!

Violet in the Violets
Photo from Violetsmom2010

Party girl:
Happy Birthday Libby!
Photo from janiejonesmt

Sock? What sock? Nope, I didn't see it.
I like socks!
Photo from tikiroom100

Doing the 'Elivis' - I love it when their lips get caught in their mouths.
Photo from Harold Kuepers

A laugh or a yawn?

Sunpie belly laughing
Photo from dredwardhaight

Ok, who drank all the Coors?

Tikka 11 weeks
Photo from Kim Swendson Photography

I think the one on the right may have had enough...
Malna loves Bori
Photo from eperlevel

Good thing I can never get enough of good Vizsla photos. We'll be in Tahoe this weekend so hopefully we'll have some good pics of our own to share! Going to be a packed house- 6 humans and 5 dogs!


  1. Great shots. We truly have goofy dogs.

  2. Oh what lovely pictures...bless our vizzie friends & their antics! Juliet & Radar